As Margrit and Eileen wrap up season two, we look forward to some things we're hopeful about in a post-pandemic world. Things like compassion and unde...View Details

S2E10 - Well-Being

What does it mean to be happy and healthy? Especially during a pandemic? Margrit & Eileen break down ideas about well-being, including a critique ...View Details

Our number one fan returns to World of Stories! Special guest Ann Gagné joins Margrit and Eileen to talk about precarious work in academia, accessibil...View Details

S2E8 - Perfectionism

Margrit & Eileen chat about perfectionism and the internal and external pressures to live up to unrealistic and unattainable expectations. They t...View Details

Margrit & Eileen welcome Lee Czechowski to the podcast! Lee (they/them) is a queer mixed Anishnaabe/Settler midwifery student at Laurentian Univer...View Details

S2E6 - Friendship

What is the meaning of friendship? What are the different types of friendship? What important are friendships compared to other types of relationships...View Details

Margrit and Eileen chat with Sarika Narinesingh, a communications instructor at George Brown College in Toronto. We talk about taking care of your phy...View Details

S2E4 - Queer of Colour

Eileen's got a million projects on the go, but one that is close to her heart is Queer of Colour: a storytelling platform where queer people of colour...View Details

S2E3 - Rest

No discussion about labour & productivity is complete without talking about rest. How do we rest? How often? In what way? For what purpose? The ne...View Details

How has the pandemic shed light on the way we work, how we're productive, and the value of our labour? Margrit & Eileen chat about how we view lab...View Details

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