How has the pandemic shed light on the way we work, how we're productive, and the value of our labour? Margrit & Eileen chat about how we view labour and productivity in a capitalist society and how our value as human beings is often linked to how productive we are. The flip side, isn't true, though. Artists, athletes, and people from marginalized communities are regularly expected to work without compensation or recognition. This has been so obviously highlighted by the lack of material support given to frontline workers during the pandemic. 

Recommendation of the Episode: Margrit has been reading Craft in the Real World by Matthew Salesses. Salesses is an international adoptee, born in Korea and raised by a white family in the US. He writes about many accepted storytelling conventions are grounded in Western imperialism and ideas. Whereas, Asian and African stories that follow different storytelling structures are often dismissed as not worthy of publications. 

Question of the Episode: How do you measure productivity? How do you value labour? 

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