S2E4 - Queer of Colour

Eileen's got a million projects on the go, but one that is close to her heart is Queer of Colour: a storytelling platform where queer people of colour have a safe space to tell their own stories on their own terms.

In this episode of World of Stories, Margrit interviews Eileen on how the project was started and how she hopes for it to grow.

Recommendation of the episode: queerofcolour.ca by Eileen Liu

Instagram: instagram.com/queerofcolour

Facebook: facebook.com/queerofcolour

Twitter: twitter.com/queerofcolour

Question of the episode: What kinds of stories do you think are missing from our culture? What would you like to see more of?

Join the conversation on Twitter at twitter.com/World_OfStories or email us at worldofstoriespodcast@gmail.com.

Full episode transcript available at worldofstories.org/s2e4.

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